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150803 Markis Sage - Pagan Bop/Magisk Resa

150726 Dödens Dal - På Natten, Ovan Molnen (Official Trailer)

150625 Markis Sage - Mutant Love Triangle

Here's a first peek at the brand new Markis Sage album that will be out on August 3rd through Ausland Schläge, Flora & Fauna and Harmönia. On seven inch vinyl and cassette. !

150602 Små Vågor - Små Vågor

New album out today! Små Vågor - Små Vågor. Six waves of gritty electronic ambient. Enjoy!

150525 Små Vågor

150331 Siri Karlsson - The Lost Colony

Siri Karlsson - The Lost Colony

4/5, DN
4/5, DI Weekend
4/5, UNT
4/5, Corren
5/6, Gaffa
4/5, VF

150217 Pre order Siri Karlsson - The Lost Colony

150204 Siri Karlsson - Lång Där Ute (video)

Here's the brand new video for the track "Långt Där Ute" by Siri Karlsson. Directed by David Giese.

141210 Dödens Dal m. Peter Morén - Måste Det Vara Så? (video)

141119 Siri Karlsson - När Mörkret Faller (video)

141117 Siri Karlsson - När Mörkret Faller

141105 Aina Myrstener Cello - Cellomusik, first review!

So, the vinyl drops tomorrow! Be sure to get yours over at Bengans.

Here's a first review from Jan Gradvall for Dagens Industri: Aina Myrstener Cello - Cellomusik 4/5.

141031 Aina Myrstener Cello - Cellomusik, order the vinyl!

One week until the album drops! Aina Myrstener Cello - Cellomusik. 200 ex limited vinyl. Get your copy from Bengans before it's too late! They ship worldwide.

Get it here! Bengans - Aina Myrstener Cello - Cellomusik

141030 Aina Myrstener Cello - Cellomusik

141013 New web store!

140919 Dödens Dal - Korsa Jord, Luft, Is (vokala versioner)

The new EP from Dödens Dal featuring guest performances by Bille Lindahl, Hjelle (Bäddat För Trubbel), Peter Morén, Manuela de Gouveia (Pascal, dödsfest), Jenny Wilson, Oscar Svensson (knivderby) and Fredrik Wallenberg (Skitsystem) is out on digital services today!

140908 Aina Myrstener Cello - Avstigning natt I

Here's the first taste from the new album with Aina Myrstener Cello that we will release in late October. The album is called "Cellomusik" and it's a beautiful dark piece of instrumental droney soundscapes, all made and played by Aina Myrstener on cello.

140820 Dödens Dal m. Peter Morén - Måste Det Vara så?

140603 summer update

So summer is here soon. We'll be working on finishing the vocal album for Dödens Dal which will be out in September. We will also release a full length album by cellist Aina Myrstener. More info on that soon!

140512 Dödens Dal m. Jenny Wilson - Under Lager Av Is

140509 Parken - Tidigt en maj

Now it's here! Check out Parken's brand new album "Tidigt en maj" on spotify. It's also available on cd and other streaming services.

140401 Parken - Album trailer

140326 Dödens Dal - Ingenting Förändras (live in the basement)

Here's a video of dödens Dal performing the opening track from "Korsa Jord, Luft, Is" live in thier Årsta basement. Shot by the very best Anders Ekert.

140226 Dödens Dal - Korsa Jord, Luft, Is

So finally it's here! The second album from Dödens Dal. It's gotten nice reviews all over;

4/6 - Gaffa
4/5 - Smålandsposten
4/6 - Nöjesguiden
6/10 - Sonic

Have a listen to it over at Spotify!

140209 Parken - Double rainbow över Valla Torg

Finally! Parken is back with a new track. It's taken from the upcoming album, Tidigt en maj, which will be released in May.